PVFA Knock-out Tournament kicks-off in Vanuatu

A new tournament kicked-off in Vanuatu on last weekend. The PVFA Knock-Out Tournament started with four matches being contested at Port Vila Stadium: one on Friday and three on Saturday. This championship was created due to the postponement of 2019-20 PVFA Premier League’s resumption.

The eight teams from PVFA Premier League were split in two groups of four teams each. Tafea have beaten Mauwia by 5-0 in the opening match with a hat-trick scored by John Thomas while Galaxy FC smashed Erakor Golden Star by 3-0 with two goals scored by striker Kensi Tangis and one netted by Brazilian player Roberson. You can check all results of the opening round by clicking here.

Tangis (left) and Roberson (right) scored for Galaxy against Erakor Golden Star – Galaxy FC Media

Current PVFA Premier League was scheduled to resume on August 15. However it was postponed because of VFF National League that is going to kick-off on this weekend. So the Knock-Out Tournament is an alternative tournament created to help players from top clubs from PVFA to stay fit.

Eighteen players from PVFA Premier League were picked to represent the member association in the National League so these players are not available to play for their local clubs which would upset the clubs.


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