Mathias Iani expects Laugu to recover balance after embarrassing defeat to Henderson Eels

Laugu United had a very good start of season as they smashed Real Kakamora by 5-0 in their opener in Telekom S-League. The impressive front line of the team made up by Gagame Feni, Mathias Iani and Coleman Makau was effective in their debut, but not in their second match against the powerful Henderson Eels.

Even counting on important players such as Allen Peter and Atkin Kaua, Laugu could not hold the offensive power of Eels and suffered an embarrassing 7-0 defeat in the last Saturday. With four goals of Joses Nawo, two of Raphael Lea’i and one of Tutizama Tanito, Eels got their second win in two matches – scoring a total of 12 goals in two matches and only conceding once. “That was the first time I suffered a so harsh defeat,” said Laugu’s Mathias Iani to Oceania Football Center, “I used to be defeated by 3-1, 4-3 scorelines, but not 7-0,” added the striker.

The former Marist FC striker, scored a brace for Laugu in their opener against Kakamora, but his side was outplayed by the current runners-up of the Solomon Islands’ top-tier league: “we performed good from the first 20 minutes, but Els is a very good team“, said Iani – “they prepare and the play together for a few years and we just started months ago, I believe that we can slowly building; a main thing we must work is our fitness, COVID-19 pandemics spoiled everything, but we will work hard for the remaining games“, stated the tall striker.

Mathias Iani – S-League Media

Our main issue was defense, we will need to work extra hard in our defensive system“, stated Iani – “It makes me angry [to lose by 7-0], but it is a challenge for me, so I must work harder for the next games,” added the striker. Iani and his teammates certainly have what it takes to retake their balance for their next matches in the league – “we must win now, but If we lose I expect close scorelines for the rest of the season,” explained the player – with players with international experience, the team coached by Paul Kakai is expected to make it hard for the top-teams in the league, but they will need to forget their nightmare performance against Henderson Eels when they take on their next challenges.

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