Solomon Islands’ Judd Molea back to action after long football break

The hard fought 1-0 win of Solomon Warriors against Marist FC this Wednesday (19th Aug) was not only the debut of the current national champions in Solomon Islands. The game also marked the return of the pitch of the new number 10 of Warriors for the season: Judd Molea.

The Solomon Islands international played his last official football match in 2018 for the same Solomon Warriors – helping the team to clinch the title in the that season -, but did not feature for any other side in the country or abroad since its last appearance for the club. Molea played an important role in the 1-0 of his side against Marist, helping the title holders to start the season with a win.

Judd Molea against Marist FC – S-League Media

The player that will turn 32 this month has still a lot to contribute to Warriors and Solomon Islands football: “First proper game back after a very long time. Felt so good. Tough 3 points against a very young, fast and energetic Marist team.Looking forward to a fun and enjoyable season with these boys“, said the midfielder in his social account.

Molea already represented Solomon Islands national team for 13 times scoring for goals donning his country’s colours. The player also has plenty of experience when it comes to the most important club football competition of Oceania – OFC Champions League. The player represented clubs such as Hekari United, Lautoka and his current Solomon Warriors in the regional tournament.


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