Benjamin Totori scores his first goal as Isabel United player

Despite the 3-2 defeat of Isabel United in the mid-week clash for Telekom S-League against the strong side of Laugu United, the Isabel’s recent signing Benjamin Totori shown his credentials: the Solomon Islands’ football legend scored his first goal as Isabel United player in his second official match for his new club.

Totori scored after a counter-attack, he received the ball just in front of the goalkeeper and with a powerful finish he put the ball in the back of the net. He put his side upfront Laugu at that moment of the game, but Gagame Feni and Mathias Iani strikes gave the win to their side, breaking the hearts of Totori and his teammates.

Benjamin Totori – TSL Media

This was the second defeat in two matches for Isabel United. The team coached by Gideon Omokirio will certainly need to improve in the season if they want to battle for the top of the table, but it is good remember both Isabel opponents in these two first fixtures were the very good sides of Henderson Eels and Laugu United.

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