Le Cagous’ Emile Ounei score in Coupe de France

🇫🇷 Français

Recently, Oceania Football Center reported that New Caledonian international Emile Ounei signed for French side Avenir Lavitois. There are good news for the New Caledonia football fans: the striker scored in his debut for the club in a Coupe de France match against Coquelicots Montecho by 6-1. The former AS Magenta man netted one of the six goals in strong performance of the site that currently plays in Regional 3 – 8th tier of French football.

Ounei as AS Magenta player – OFC Media

A.S Stéphanoise will be the opponents of Avenir Lavitois in the second round of the Coupe de France – the match will be played this Sunday (30th Aug) in Lavit. The club currently counts on the former New Caledonia national team head coach Thierry Sardo from the sidelines, one of this first moves as Lavitois’ head coach was to grant the signing of Emile Ounei for the club.

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