New franchises show quality in Telekom S-League

The third matchweek of 2020 Telekom S-League finished on Wednesday when Laugu United have beaten Isabel United by 3-2 with a beautiful goal scored by Mathias Iani in the 87th minute. However the most interesting result of the matchweek was surely Honiara City’s 5-1 win over Malaita Kingz.

Currently in the third position with five points in three matches, Honiara City have not lost in the league yet – just like league leaders Henderson Eels. Honiara City count on well-known players like goalkeeper Anthony Talo and midfielder Moffat Kilifa while young players like Junior Annie and Alick Solo are performing in a very good level so far in the season.

Honiara City are currently in the third position in Telekom S-League – Telekom S-League Media

Two other teams are making their debut season in the league: Central Coast FC and Southern United. While Southern United have legendary Stanley Waita as head coach, Central Coast FC count on many young and talented players like Densly Geseni, Javin Wae, Junior Fordney and Philip Ropa.

Despite being in the sixth position, Central Coast FC have been performing in a very good level. The team coached by Jacob Moli showed consistency since the opening round of the season when they beat Malaita Kingz by 1-0.

Southern United did not have a good performance against Real Kakamora in the past matchweek but the team coached by Stanley Waita has a strong attack with Joachim Waroi and Augustine Halumwane – the biggest problem is the defense as they have suffered nine goals in three matches.

Having new franchises in the league is a good thing, but it is even better when these teams show quality. These three new teams are surely adding a lot to Telekom S-League!


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