Real Kakamora shows evolution in Telekom S-League

After finishing the last Telekom S-League season in the last position with one point in sixteen matches, Real Kakamora’s management tried to build a stronger squad for this season in order to become a competitive side.

The team coached by Sam Wa’aria brought good players like Adrian Mara, Benji Toata, Joachim Rande, Richard Raramo and Zantas Kabini – which improved the squad’s quality considerably. However it is known that having good players and having a good team are not the same thing – and Real Kakamora felt it in the opening match of the season against Laugu United when they were smashed by 5-0.

Real Kakamora players before a Telekom S-League match – Telekom S-League Media

Despite the bad result against Laugu, Wa’aria did not give in and his team kept working hard for upcoming matches and the evolution is notorious as they have not lost in the league since then. Forward Adrian Mara proved that he can be a reliable one after scoring four goals in the last three matches – including a hat-trick against Southern United – while Kabini, Rande, Raramo and Toata are being regular starters in the season which is helping the team to keep the unbeaten run.

It is obvious that Real Kakamora still have a lot to improve, but they finally became a competitive side in the Telekom S-League, and it helps to improve the level of the league. Regardless of what happens until the end of the season, Real Kakamora fans already have a reason to be proud of.

Real Kakamora are currently in the seventh position in the league with five points in four matches. You can check the current Telekom S-League standings, top scorers and results by clicking here.


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