Telekom S-League franchisees receive their share of ticket sales for league matches

Football in the Solomon Islands continues to march on the right track as Telekom S-League’s franchises received heir share of the gate taking at Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) headquarter in Honiara – the capital of the country.

According to Telekom S-League’s media, they had an income of $254.368 Solomon Islands Dollars (local currency) with tickets in the first four weeks of the season. It was reported that 60% of this amount was shared between the eleven franchises, which means that each team received $13.801 Solomon Islands Dollars. The remaining 40% stays with Telekom S-League’s board for the administration cost of the league.

All eleven franchises received $13.801 Solomon Islands Dollars from Telekom S-League’s board – Telekom S-League Media

All league matches are being played at Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara and a limited number of 2.500 tickets sold per match day due to the state of public emergency.

Oceania Football Center congratulate SIFF and Telekom S-League’s board for the transparency. Despite not being a professional league, all parts are doing a great job to promote the league across the country. The near future seems to be bright for Solomon Islands’ football.

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