Hekari United: Rodger Saking impresses in his season debut

Hekari United needed to battle hard to surpass Gulf Komara in the last weekend of football in Port Moresby – the Reds continue five points away Lae City at the top of the table, but their 2-0 win keep them alive in the contest for the minor premiership in PNG National Soccer League.

Eric Komeng decided to give the first start of the season for the defender Rodger Saking as the usual starter Carlos Onne was injured for the clash. Saking played as left-back and played an important role in the game. The 25-year-old player was solid in defense, not allowing space for Gulf Komara forwards in his corner of the pitch, and combined well upfront with the likes of Nigel Dabinyaba and Kolu Kepo.

Rodger Saking

The former Besta PNG man also fired some long-range shots that impressed the fans during the clash – a sign of confidence for a player that was usually sidelined by head coaches Jerry Allen and now Eric Komeng.

Hekari has been suffering with lack of options at the back; many members of Red Army fan club were wondering why players such as Saking were not receiving opportunities in the start eleven. Even the striker Vito Laloata was played as central defender in a crucial match against Lae City – something that proved to be a major mistake – putting under the spotlight the biggest problem of Hekari’s squad.

With the good debut of Saking against a team that is doing well in this part of the season proves the defender can add quality to Komeng’s team and also help in the process to resolve the issues at the back of the current third-placed side of the national league.

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