New Caledonia Cup: Hienghène and Magenta advance to quarter-finals

🇫🇷 Français

Another round is over in 2020 New Caledonia Cup as eight matches were contested in New Caledonia on this Saturday to decide which teams would advance to the next round of this tournament in the French territory.

Hienghène Sport have beaten current Mobil Super Ligue leaders Tiga Sport by 3-0 while AS Magenta smashed CA Saint-Louis by 3-1. AS Kunié, AS Mont-Dore and SC Ne Drehu are the three other teams from Mobil Super Ligue that advanced to the quarter-finals. The three other teams that are still alive in the cup are AS Qanono, Olympique and RC Poindimié.

Hienghène Sport advanced to quarter-finals – Hienghène Sport Media

It was reported by local federation that quarter-finals’ draw will be released on this Monday. You can check all Round of 16 results by clicking here.

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