Sairusi Nalaubu: the new Vodafone Premier League top scorer

Sairusi Nalaubu is being a key man for the Capital City Boys in their run at the Fijian Vodafone Premier League. All the last seven goals scored by Suva in the national league were scored by the same man: Nalaubu – he is the man of the moment of Fijian football.

Nalaubu is not playing well only for his side at the Vodafone Premier League, the striker was also Suva’s top goalscorer in the recent Battle of Giants tournament held in Lautoka where his side ended up beaten by Rewa in the grand final match.

Sairusi Nalaubu – Fiji FA Media

The only 23-year-old player is now the top scorer of the Vodafone Premier League as he scored in Suva’s latest match against Lautoka. Despite his goal, Suva was not able to win Lautoka at ANZ Stadium, but the team returned to the second-place in the national league with the point earned from this match – but now they are four points away the top-tabled Rewa.

With his goal Nalaubu surpassed Avinesh Suwamy in the ‘Golden Boot’ race with only more four games remaining in the season. If the striker can continue his fantastic the golden boot will be consequence – and certainly getting the attention of Fiji national team Flemming Serritslev for a possible call up in a near future.

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