Kunié and Ne Drehu to clash in New Caledonia Cup’s quarter-finals

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The 2020 New Caledonia Cup is reaching its and as only eight teams are still alive in the tournament and ready for the next battle in the quarter-finals that is scheduled to take place on September 26 – and the four clashes are still decided!

Quarter-finals’ draw was released on this Monday and there is only one the clash between AS Kunié and SC Ne Drehu is the only match that will be contested two teams from Mobil Super Ligue – the major football league from New Caledonia. Both teams recently clashed in the league and the final score was an 1-1 draw.

Ne Drehu and Kunié will clash in New Caledonia Cup – FCF Media

Current New Caledonia Cup champions Hienghène Sport will face AS Qanono while AS Magenta are going to play against RC Poindimié. The remaining match is set to be contested between AS Mont-Dore and Olympique. You can check more information about this tournament by clicking here.


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