Fiji: Avinesh Suwamy having the best moment of his career after leaving Ba

Nadi is not currently at the top of the table of Fijian’s Vodafone Premier League, but we can not deny the Green Machine is having a good season. The team also reached the semi-finals of the latest Battle of Giants and one player is being one of the biggest responsibles for the boom of Nadi: the legendary Avinesh Suwamy.

Suwamy is a legend of another team in Fiji – Ba. The midfielder helped Ba to achieve very important milestones in Fijian and Oceanian football. Suwamy was called up for the Bula Boys a number of times due his very good performances for the Men in Black. After leaving Ba due job commitments – Suwamy was transfered from to Ba to work in Nadi – some football fans expected Suwamy not to perform as good as he used to in his good moments for Ba. Suwamy in his last years for Ba did not play a major role as often – even not taking place of the last participation of Ba in the OFC Champions League.

But, since the start of season in Fiji, it seems Suwamy is like wine: the older, the better. The midfielder is top scorer of Nadi in the season – 9 goals – and was until the last weekend the top scorer of the Vodafone Premier League, the Suva’s prominent striker Sairusi Nalaubu took the top of the race with seven goals leaving Suwamy behind with six.

Avinesh Suwamy – Fiji FA Media

The 34-year-old star is having the best moment of his football career; despite helping Ba in the past to reach the finals of OFC Champions League, the Fijian Beckham was never in a so fantastic goalscoring form. The midfielder is captaining Nadi to their improvement in the league, being probrably the most important player of the team coached by Kamal Swamy.

A well-known player by his hardwork and commitment, the reality is that the midfielder is far from the final moments of his career, Suwamy can be still much useful in the next seasons for Nadi. As recently said by Suwamy, Ba is always in his heart, but now he is commited to deliver the best for Nadi – and it seems he is doing much more than expected.

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