Galaxy FC reach the second position as Tafea lose to Erakor in PVFA Premier League

The eleventh matchweek of 2019-20 PVFA Premier League was very good for Ifira Black Bird and Galaxy FC that saw Tafea losing to Erakor Golden Star. On the other hand, Yatel are now on bottom of the table as Mauwia have beaten Tupuji Imere.

Current league leaders Ifira Black Bird faced Yatel in the opening match of the round and talented forward Tonly Kalotang scored Ifira’s goal in the 1-0 victory while Galaxy FC smashed Sia-Raga by 3-1 with goals scored by Henry Namatak, Kensi Tangis and Roberson to reach the second position in the league with 23 points. Tangis (11 goals) and Roberson (10 goals) are the top scorers of the league.

Tangis (left) and Roberson (right) are the top scorers of 2019-20 PVFA Premier League – Vanuatu Sport

The biggest surprises of the weekend happened in the last two clashes: Mauwia have beaten Tupuji Imere by 2-0 and they now tied in points with Yatel and Sia-Raga while Tafea lost to Erakor Golden Star with a goal scored by Dodon Wanemut.

Tafea are now in the third position with 21 points – three points behind Ifira Black Bird. Anyway, Tafea, Ifira and Galaxy are already qualified to Top Four with three matchweeks in advance. You can check the current league standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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