New Caledonia: AS Mont-Dore living a nightmare in Mobil Super Ligue

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The 2020 Mobil Super Ligue reached its sixth round this weekend and things keep getting worse for AS Mont-Dore, one of the most important teams from New Caledonia as they are in the relegation play-off zone.

Despite having lots of talented players like Cédric Decoire, Jacques Wamytan, Joseph Tchacko and Titouan Richard, AS Mont-Dore are in a very bad situation in the major football league from New Caledonia as they have not won in the league so far in the season. The team coached by Stephane Drahusak are currently in the ninth position – a place that his team is not used to be.

AS Mont-Dore suffering a goal against Horizon Patho – Mobil Super Ligue Media

Their last match was a complete disaster as they were deservedly smashed by AS Wetr by 4-0 at Stade Numa Daly on this Saturday. This match exposed the fragility of a team that is used to be one of the strongest teams in the league.

While they struggle to have good results in the league, they have qualified to New Caledonia Cup’s quarter-finals to face Olympique Nouméa next weekend. The good campaign in the local cup can be a turnaround for AS Mont-Dore’s season – and the team’s supporters want to see better results as soon as possible.

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