AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport to clash in New Caledonia Cup

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AS Magenta and Hienghène Sport are two of the most important football teams from New Caledonia. Both teams made history last year when they clashed in OFC Champions League final and Hienghène Sport have beaten their opponents by 1-0 to clinch the continental title for the first time ever.

Now these teams will be face to face again – but this time in the New Caledonia Cup’s semi-finals – and local fans must expect a huge battle between both sides on October 17. The second clash of the semi-finals will be contested between AS Mont-Dore and SC Ne Drehu.

Hienghène Sport and AS Magenta clashed in 2019 OFC Champions League final – OFC Media

It is important to remember that New Caledonia is a French territory and the cup champions qualify to 2020-21 Coupe de France – the national cup from France. You can check more information about the current New Caledonia Cup by clicking here.


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