Ifira Black Bird clinch PVFA Premier League’s title in Vanuatu

Ifira Black Bird are the 2019-20 PVFA Premier League champions in Vanuatu! The green and yellow side have beaten Galaxy FC by 2-0 to clinch the title for the second time in three seasons. Jonathan Spokeyjack and Godine Tenene were the heroes of the day as both players scored once.

Despite not being the favourites to win the league, Ifira showed that they are a very strong side and they deservedly clinched the title as they finished ahead Tafea and Galaxy FC that were – in theory – stronger than Ifira.

Ifira players and staff celebrating the title – Vanuatu Sports News

Ifira and Galaxy are already qualified for PVFA Top Four that will be contested later this month. Oceania Football Center congratulate Ifira Black Bird for the amazing season. You can check the current PVFA Premier League standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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