Can Rewa win a domestic treble this year in Fiji?

Currently leading Vodafone Premier League with 23 points in eleven matches, Rewa are living a marvelous season in Fiji. The Delta Tigers clinched Battle of the Giants’ title in August and they are some steps away from winning the Premier League.

Winning the league would be a huge milestone for Rewa as they have never won the national league. However, the team coached by Marika Rodu can do something even bigger this season as they can win a treble.

A treble in association football is achieved when a club team wins three trophies in a single season. A continental treble involves winning the club’s national league competition, main national cup competition, and main continental trophy. A domestic treble involves winning three national competitions—normally the league title, the primary cup competition, and one secondary competition.

Rewa clinched 2020 Battle of the Giants title – Fiji FA Media

For this to happen, the Delta Tigers need to win two more of the three titles still to be played this year: Vodafone Premier League, Inter-District Championship and Fiji FACT. It is known that head coach Marika Rodu is focused on winning the league but he counts on a very strong side that is capable to fight for every single trophy in the country.

Rewa’s next challenge is the Inter-District Championship that will be contested next week at ANZ Stadium in Suva. You can check the tournament schedule by clicking here.

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