Dreketi comes from behind to book a spot at Senior Division’s IDC semi-finals

The fight for the last spot in the semi-finals of 2020 Senior Division’s Inter-District Championship was very intense as Dreketi and Rakiraki starred a breathtaking match at Uprising Resort Ground in Navua to decide which team would advance to the semi-finals and which team would leave the competition.

Rakiraki had a huge advantage for this match as a draw would be enough for them to book a spot in the semi-finals. However the team coached by Savneel Singh did not want to push their luck as team captain Aseili Cobuta opened the scoreboard in the 42nd minute while Ronald Dutt extended their lead in the second half.

While Rakiraki fans were celebrating the 2-0 victory, Dreketi did not give in. Mohammed Issac scored Dreketi’s first goal in the 64th minute while Shanil Kumar found the net sixteen minutes later to equalize and spice up the game.

Dreketi did not give in against Rakiraki – Fiji FA Media

The 2-2 draw would not be enough for Dreketi so they did not stop fighting and what seemed impossible, happened – Netani Suluka scored in the 88th minute to put Dreketi ahead. At the final whistle, the score was 3-2 in favour of Dreketi that advanced to the semi-finals to face Nadroga at ANZ Stadium on Saturday. You can check more information about 2020 Senior Division’s Inter-District Championship by clicking here.


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