Labasa beat Lautoka to stay in Vodafone Premier League

Labasa and Lautoka clashed at Subrail Park in the twelfth matchweek of Vodafone Premier League – the top tier league from Fiji. It was a very important match for both sides as a victory would mean staying in the league for next year. Also, this match could be Lautoka’s chance to get even after losing to Labasa in the Inter-District Championship final, but it was not.

This match was a delicate one for Lautoka, as head coach Ravinesh Kumar resigned from his position on Wednesday and Anginesh Prasad was the head coach in this match. Furthermore, goalkeeper Joela Biuvanua is still injured so Viliame Tabucala was Lautoka’s goalkeeper this match.

After winning Inter-District Championship’s Golden Boot earlier this month, Ilisoni Lolaivalu kept the good moment and opened the scoreboard for Labasa in the 18th minute while Akeimi Ralulu extended the lead in the second half. At the final whistle, the score was 2-0 in favour of Labasa.

Labasa won Lautoka by 2-0 – Fiji FA Media

The Babasiga Lions are now in the fifth position with sixteen points in twelve matches, three points ahead Lautoka. You can check the current Vodafone Premier League standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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