Rising star Charles Mani chased by many Telekom S-League teams

One of the most promising players from the Solomon Islands, Charles Mani is back to his homeland after a stint in New Zealand and now the 18-year-old forward is expected to take part of 2020 Telekom S-League’s second round.

There was an initial rumor that Mani would join Isabel United. However, it is known that there are more teams interested on signing with him for the rest of Telekom S-League’s season: “I am thinking a lot before taking my final decision,” he revealed to Oceania Football Center.

Charlie Otainao joins Henderson Eels;
Gagame Feni joins Solomon Warriors;
Jared Rongosulia joins Kossa FC

Charles Mani

Mani played for Kossa FC in the last Telekom S-League season before moving abroad to study at Long Bay College in New Zealand. The young forward last played for Hibiscus Coast at LOTTO NRFL Division 2, one of the regional football leagues from New Zealand.

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