Tupapa Maraerenga win Cook Islands’ Vans Premiership

Tupapa Maraerenga won Vans Premiership, the Cook Islands’ football league, for the fourth year in a row. The black and white team were crowned the league champions with two games in advance after a 2-2 draw against Nikao Sokattak.

The team managed by Grover Harmon has created a dynasty over the years, winning 9 of the last 11 championships. With this title, Tupapa became the 15th confirmed team in the next edition of the OFC Champions League.

Tupapa Maraerenga’ logo

Nikao Sokattak and Puaikura tried to prevent Tupapa from winning the league again, however, their attempts were in vain. Now, Tupapa have two more games until the end of the current league season, against Titikaveka and Puaikura, which might be a good opportunity to give game time to young players that did not have many chances to play. You can check the list of local champions by clicking here.

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