Vanuatu: PVFA announces sponsorship agreement for Premier League

The most important regional league from Vanuatu will receive a major boost this season. It was announced by Port Vila Footall Association (PVFA) that they signed a sponsorship contract with Vodafone, a telecommunications company that operates in Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

It was reported that the company has injected a sponsorship of 3 million Vatu, an amount equivalent to US$26,000, into the PVFA Premier League. The league name has also been changed to Vodafone Premier League.

PVFA announces sponsorship agreement with Vodafone for Premier League – PVFA Media

If you are already acquainted with football in the Pacific Islands, you know that this is also the name of the top tier league from Fiji. In order to avoid mistakes, the football league from Port Vila will be called PVFA Vodafone Premier League on this website.

Port Vila Football Association’s new board is doing a great job to improve the local structure and value the sport. Once again we congratulate the PVFA Board on the effort that has been made to improve the local football.


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