Rusiate Matarerega makes the difference in Nadi’s win over Lautoka at Fiji FACT

Nadi started with an important win over Lautoka at Churchill Park. Without the important Avinesh Suwamy in the starting eleven, the top task of the day was at Fijian international Rusiate Matarerega shoulders and he made no mistake as he scored the game winner for the Jetsetters still in the first 45 minutes of the clash.

The bad season for Lautoka continues as they were unable to have a good start in another major tournament of the year – the Blues were knocked-out in the group stage of both Battle of Giants and Inter-District Championship and as well did not have a good season at Vodafone Premier League. The team now coached by Anginesh Prasad could not capitalise their opportunities in the second half and once again let their fans down at their home ground.

Rusiate Matarerega celebrates his goal against Lautoka – Fiji FA Media

Matarerega scored the winner at the 28th minute of the game with a strong finish from long range, giving no chance for Lautoka’s goalkepeer Joela Biuvanua. Both sides will regroup and play their last two matches of Fiji FACT’s group stage at Labasa’s Subrail Park at 25th November.


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