Fiji FACT: terrible pitch condition takes good football away from Subrail Park

Mud covered most of the pitch

The 2020 Fiji FACT kicked-off at Churchill Park in Lautoka on Saturday with two matches, while two other games were contested at ANZ Stadium on Sunday. After these four clashes, all teams travelled to Vanua Levu, as the rest of the tournament is set to be contested at Subrail Park in Labasa.

What should be a great spectacle, ended up becoming a nightmare for players and fans. The terrible condition of Subrail Park’s grass was a huge obstacle to good football. The ball could not roll properly due to mud and water, and players were forced to take the ball out of the ground in an attempt to play football.

The situation got even worse in the last match of the day, contested between hosts Labasa and Nasinu, when most of the pitch was covered by the mud. Having in mind that four more matches are going to be contested in the same stadium tomorrow, it is conceivable that the quality of the pitch tends to get worse – to the sadness of Fijian football fans.

One thought on “Fiji FACT: terrible pitch condition takes good football away from Subrail Park

  1. Subrail park is full of mud at the moment and the teams find it hard to show good football which they hve prepared for. Urging the FFA to change the venue in favour of all district teams to show their performances in better ground condition.
    FFA..please act NOW.


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