43-0: Veitongo smash Isileli Kapeta in Tonga Challenge Cup

Veitongo (in green) playing a match in 2020 Tonga Challenge Cup – Tonga Football Association

The 2020 Tonga Challenge Cup is coming to its end as the men’s tournament reached the knock-out stage. Sixteen teams, eight from each group, are going to fight for this title in Tonga. However, the most interesting fact took place in the final round of the group stage, when current national champions defeated Isileli Kapeta by 43-0.

Veitongo finished on top of the Group B with ten victories in ten matches, while Isileli Kapeta finished the group stage in the last position with one point and with a -149 Goal Difference. In the Group A, Lavengatonga finished on top with nine victories and one draw, followed by Longoteme and Lotoha’apai United.

In the Women’s Tournament, Veitongo finished the first round on top and they will face Fasi & Afi in the quarter-finals, while second placed side Longolongo are going to face Nukuhetulu. You can check more all Challenge Cup’s knock-out stage matches by clicking here.

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