Goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau comes as striker and scores for Rewa against Nasinu

One more very interesting fact happened this week in Fiji as the experienced goalkeeper Simione Tamanisau entered in the second half of the match of his side Rewa against Nasinu that were playing their final pool match of the 2020 edition of the Fiji FACT. The game was already 4-0 in favour of Rewa when Tamanisau replaced the attacker Samuela Nabenia. He was using the number 1 jersey – in fact it was Anish Khem‘s number 7 that was modified with a white tape to appear to be a number one. Tamanisau could not use a different number in the tournament because he was registered with the number 1.

Nasinu was already completely out of the match and the Rewa attackers started to try to find Tamanisau in the area to make history happen; first he almost scored, but a defender cleared the ball in the goalline – but his teammate Sailosi Rayaqona got the rebound and scored. Two minutes later, finally, Tamanisau received the ball in the area and fired a powerful shot to score his goal and the 6th of his team in the clash. You can see the event by clicking here.

Simione Tamanisau – FBC News

Tamanisau still managed to assist for the seventh goal of the match, he got the ball, passed one defender and assisted for the goal scored by Shavnil Prasad. The final result of the match was 7-0 in favour of Rewa, qualifying Tamanisau’s side for the semi-finals of the 2020 Fiji FACT.


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