Yatel collects first victory of the season as they best Seveners United

This Thursday marked the start of the third matchday of football in Port Vila’s top-tier league in Vanuatu. Yatel FC celebrated their first victory in the league this season as they surpassed the newcomers in the top-tier Seveners United by the scoreline of 3-1; the match was played at Port Vila Municipal Stadium.

All goals of the match were scored in the second half; the talented Frank Ruben opened the score for Yatel and Mansen Avock doubled for the team in white and blue. Seveners was able to reduce the margin, but Avock scored another in order to confirm his side win by 3-1.

Yatel FC – PVFA Media

Seveners lost all matches of the season so far; the win give Yatel a chance to regroup and go stronger for their next encounters in the league. The fixtures will continue this weekend in Port Vila having Galaxy FC vs Erakor Golden Star FC as one of the most exciting matches to watch. Check here the standings and latest results of the league!

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