African duo win national league in Samoa

Anto (left) and Kerewi (right)

Lupe o le Soaga had a perfect season in 2020, as they won all their league matches to be crowned national champions. The team coached by Paul Ualesi defeated Vaipuna by 8-2 in the final contested this weekend.

Two footballers from Africa played important roles in the season: Kenneth Kerewi and Oscar Anto. Kerewi is a 38-year-old midfielder from Nigeria, while Anto is a 17-year-old forward from Ghana. Both players scored in the final against Vaipuna and helped Lupe o le Soaga in this marvelous season.

Both players are expected to stay with the team for the next OFC Champions League. Oceania Football Center team congratulates Anto, Kerewi and Lupe o le Soaga for winning this title. You can check more information about the Samoan football season by clicking here.


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