Fiji FACT: Rewa-Nadi clash to restart from second half

After a lot of polemics, it was recently confirmed the match between Nadi and Rewa – one of the semi-finals of the 2020 Fiji FACT – will be continued this weekend at Subrail Park from the second half. Both sides have played the first 45 minutes last Saturday and Nadi was leading by 1-0 thanks to an early goal scored through a header by Vuniuci Tikomaimereke – watch the goal here.

The match was interrupted during the half-time as the officials of Fiji FA, finally, decided to postpone the matches due the bad weather and especially due the terrible conditions of the pitch at Subrail Park. After meetings, the decisive part of the Fiji FACT was decided to be played this next weekend at the same venue.

Fiji FACT’s Rewa and Nadi clash – FBC News

Rewa wanted to play 90 minutes in semifinals’ rematch, but their appeal was denied by the Fiji FA that decided to keep the scoreline of the first 45 minutes played last weekend. Many footballs fans expressed their doubts in the social media regarding the clash – a part in favour of Nadi, another in favour of Rewa. At the end of the day, the decision was taken to keep the result and restart from the second half this Saturday.

There are no specific FIFA regulations for this case; each tournament and national federation can create its own rules regarding the reschedule of abandoned matches. The situation was very unclear for this Fiji FACT as many football fans appealed saying in the past full rematches were played, not only a half of football. But the decision taken by the entity stands as the first semi-final will have only more 45 minutes; Labasa and Suva will decide the other finalist of the last major tournament of the year in Fiji.

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