Lexa Bibi: legendary defender coaches Sia-Raga in PVFA Vodafone Premier League

Retired from football, Lexa Bibi is now a head coach. The legendary defender has now an important mission: to lead Sia-Raga in 2020-21 PVFA Vodafone Premier League, the most important regional football league in Vanuatu.

With three losses in three matches, Sia-Raga are ninth in the league table. New head coach Lexa Bibi is going to have a great challenge with his new club, but he is used to big challenges: he was part of one of the greatest moments of Vanuatu Football’s history: the 4-2 victory over New Zealand in 2004 OFC Nations Cup. Bibi was in Vanuatu’s starting eleven and scored one goal in this historic clash.

Lexa Bibi

Sia-Raga’s next challenge is going to be against Yatel this Saturday in the fourth matchweek of 2020-21 PVFA Vodafone Premier League. You can check the current league standings, results and top scorers by clicking here.


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