Mobil Super Ligue decisive playoff continues this weekend in Nouméa

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The decisive top-four of the Mobil Super Ligue is set to continue this Saturday at Stade Numa-Daly with two more thrilling matches a tthe decisive phase of the season in New Caledonia’s premier league.

As all matches were tied in the last weekend, any winners of this round will be very close to the title and also a spot in the OFC Champions League. The first match of the day will see Tiga Sport taking on Horizon Patho; both sides came from behind against Hienghène and AS Magenta respectively and were able to grant equalisers in their matches.

Mobil Super Ligue is on its decisive moments – MSL Media

The key match of the Saturday will have the biggest clash of New Caledonia currently – Hienghène Sport against AS Magenta. The teams coached by Félix Tagawa and Alain Moizan are being fierce rivals in the past seasons – even playing a final match of OFC Champions League in 2019 – and they know a win against their archirivals will mean very much for them in this part of the season.

In the regular season the match at Stade Numa-Daly saw AS Magenta overcome Hienghène by 3-2, but the situation of this Saturday can turn anywhere – a real national clash to decide the fate of both teams in 2020.

You can check the current standings, recent results and top scorers of the Mobil Super Ligue by visiting our competition’s session.


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