Akuila Mateisuva praised by superb performance despite defeat to Suva at Fiji FACT

One of the top goalkeepers of Fiji continues to prove his capabilities; Labasa’s shot-stopper Akuila Mateisuva could not prevent his team defeat against national champions Suva this Saturday at Subrail Park – but the problems were not in defense, but yes the lack of quality in the finishing for Labasa’s attack, they did not take their chances, while Mateisuva saved the Babasiga Lions in several occasions.

Akuila Mateisuva – Fiji FA Media

Mateisuva was the key factor that made the first half went with no goals scored to the half time break. Unfortunately for him, a defensive mistake allowed Suva to take the lead early in the second half; despite Labasa finding minutes later an equaliser, Suva was still able to bounce back the pressure and score two more goals – both unstoppable finishes for the tall goalkeeper.

WATCH: Akuila Mateisuva impressive performance against Suva at Fiji FACT semi-finals.

The 3-1 defeat for Labasa was the final match of the year for the team that ended up 2020 with one major trophy won – Inter-District Championship -, but once again out of the OFC Champions League.


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