Lawson Tama Stadium awaits historical clash to decide ‘Solomon Cup’s king’

The final day of football action of 2020 in Solomon Islands will have the decisive clashes of the 2020 Solomon Cup; the first one will decide which side will end up with bronze in the traditional tournament – Makira Ulawa Kakamora or Isabel Frigates – and the final one, the awaited grand final, to seal a possible 5-time-champion Malaita Eagles or a new champion, Western Tomoko.

Both sides como from impressive wins in the semi-finals: the current champions Eagles had no much trouble to overcome Isabel Frigates by 5-2, while Western Tomoko shown what they are capable of after smashing very hard Makira Ulawa Kakamora by 7-1. Jaygray Sipakana was the man of the moment as he scored four for his side and he is now the top scorer of the competition – only Malaita’s Norman Ngafu can take his golden boot, the Malaita Eagles’ striker scored five so far in the league while Sipakana has seven.

Eagles and Tomoko to clash to decide the winner of the 2020 Solomon Cup

Makira Ulawa was set as favourites to surpass Tomoko after they topped the group B, but indleed Sipakana and his teammates ‘paddled’ to the grand final and will now challenge the good side and title holders Malaita Eagles for the major glory to call themselves Solomon Cup champions.

Both sides already met in the first stage as they were grouped together at group A; the result can’t say much about what’s coming next in the final as the outcome was a locked 0-0.

Alongside Jaygray Sipakana, Western Tomoko’s number 9 Arnold Neboth already scored five times so far in the competition and might be also a key figure in the grand final. For Malaita’s side the top scorer of the team Norman Ngafu might be the dangerman for Tomoko’s defense alongisde the talented Fred Anii.

You can see the complete results, top goalscores and squads of the provincial teams by visiting the competition’s session in our website.


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