Marika Rodu to focus on women’s football as he steps down Rewa’s head coach position

After having a succesful season in 2020, guiding Rewa to return to the OFC Champions League as the Delta Tigers finished second on Fiji Vodafone Premier League, the head coach Marika Rodu decided to leave the club in order to focus on women’s football, Rodu will continue with his position as Fiji women’s national team head coach.

Despite not being anymore Rewa’s head coach, Rodu will continue as a techinical advisor of the club: “I am just consulting them with the plans ahead of 2021. Trying to make sure that the transition for the new coach is secure because the boys and the team have really worked hard in 2020 to claim the status where we are“, said the coach to FBC News.

Marika Rodu – OFC Media

Rodu achieved succes with Fiji women’s national team in 2018 as he coached the team that ended up with a suprising second position in OFC Women’s Nations Cup. Fiji was able to beat the local second force Papua New Guinea in the semifinals after finishing second in the group of New Zealand. The Fijians faced the Ferns in the final and could not avoid a 8-0 defeat, but surprised everyone finishing second in the competition coming from the qualifying rounds.

Fiji’s goal is to take part at 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup – as New Zealand already is guaranteed in the competition as hosts alongside Australia, the competition will be only between the Pacific nations and they will not be forced to face an ‘impossible’ opponent as New Zealand, but this does not mean we will have two teams of Oceania in the World Cup.

OFC will receive 1,5 slots for the 2023 World Cup – the direct slot is already given to New Zealand as hosts while the remaining slot will be constested in an intercontinental playoff. The winner of Oceania will compete against nations from other confederations for a spot in the most important women’s football tournament of the world.


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