Telekom S-League restart postponed

The Telekom S-League season that was set to restart this weekend was postponed by Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) as their media service informed. “The deferment of the recommencement of the league was made given the situation surrounding the ongoing standoff between Honiara City Council and SIFF regarding Lawson Tama Stadium and clubs preseason after the festive season as most players are still in the provinces“, informed SIFF.

Currently, the HCC (Honiara City Council) and the football federation are in dicussion regarding the usage of Lawson Tama Stadium for the remainder of the season – and also the next seasons. The HCC is the legal landlord of the national stadium and it is subimted to SIFF for the usage on its football events. Legal procedures between both parties are in a deadlock in the moment as SIFF looks to extend the period the entity is allowed to use the facilities. However, HCC is positive to allow the completion of the present season of Telekom S-League, but the situation forced the entity to postpone the recommence of the national league.

Solomon Islands’ national league is not going to restart this weekend – TSL Media

Another issue that marked the necessity for the postponement is that many players of the TSL franchises are still in their hometown provinces away from Honiara, which could cause many important absences for the first matchday of 2021. The the new schedule for the matches are now January 23rd, 24th and 27th at Lawson Tama. 


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