Galaxy and Yatel shake local transfer window in Vanuatu

Moffat Kiriau, Joe Moses and Dondy Kileteir are some of Galaxy’s newcomers – PVFA Media

The mid-season transfer window is still open in Vanuatu, but it has already brought many changes, especially for two teams: Galaxy and Yatel. Both sides added a great amount of players to shake local football.

Galaxy has already secured seven new players, including Yatel’s midfielder Dondy Kileteir and Mauwia’s forward Moffat Kiriau. Yatel added four new players, all coming from Erakor Golden Star: Jesse Kalopong, Kaltfer Kaltack, Massing Kalotang and star striker Tony Kaltack.

Despite losing four key players, Erakor Golden Star added only two new names to their squad, showing that they still rely on their strong youth system to keep pushing in the Premier League. Ifira Black Bird and North Efate United are two other teams that have added quality to their squads. You can check all confirmed transfers by clicking here.


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