Jekob Jeno starts a Ligue 2 match for the first time ever

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New Caledonia’s Jekob Jeno made his first ever appearance as starter in a French Ligue 2 match. The 21-year-old midfielder played 86 minutes in Grenoble’s 1-0 win over Chamois Niortais last Tuesday and his performance was praised by fans and coach Vicente Hognon.

“Jekob Jeno? I’ve been eager to make him a starter since I arrived, but we have to go slowly and gradually. In any case, the staff likes him, I like him, he’s a good kid,” revealed Hognon after the match. You can check his game stats by clicking here.

Jekob Jeno playing for Grenoble – Grenoble

Jeno joined Grenoble Foot 38 at the beginning of the season to be part of “Grenoble B”, but this year he got a bigger role in the team, as he became part of the main squad. Unfortunately, he was not called-up to represent New Caledonia at FIFA World Cup qualifiers to be held in Qatar next month.


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