Batram Suri’s son Alden debuts at senior level in New Zealand

Alden Suri as well as Raphael Lea’i and Leon Kofana was on a scholarship at Scotts College in Wellington some years back. Unlike the other two Solomon Islands national team members, Suri continued to pursue his career in New Zealand. The son of Solomon Islands football legend Batram Suri was one of 21 Solomon Islands players who came to Brazil to play in the U17 FIFA World Cup in 2019.

Last Saturday the 18-year-old player made his debut for Petone FC in a 0-0 draw against Wellington United in the New Zealand Central League – the most important football league in the New Zealand’s capital region. He played 29 minutes coming from the bench.

Alden Suri playing for Petone FC – Petone Media

Petone now return to the field on Friday against Napier City Rovers and it is expected that Alden Suri will get more and more game time to continue his development.


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