Nikao Sokattak is qualified for 2022 OFC Champions League final round

Nikao Sokattak FC has been selected for the final round of the OFC Champions League 2022 after once again an OFC tournament cancels the preliminary round because of flight restrictions. The announcement was made by the Oceania Football Confederation on its website. The criteria used to give the classification to Nikao Sokattak FC was the sports performance in the 2016 and 2020 Champions League.

Nikao Sokattak FC – CIFA Media

Nikao Sokattak FC who are the defending champions of the Cook Islands league will join Auckland City – nominated by New Zealand Football, and Hienghène who beat SC Ne Drehu and wait the definition of the other five clashes as the qualifiers for the final round of the OFC Champions League will take place in New Zealand between August 6th and 19th.


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