Fiji: rumours link Antonio Tuivuna return to Labasa

It is been widely rumoured throught the football backstage in Fiji that the well-known defender Antonio Tuivuna is set to return to Labasa – a team that he achieved many success in his country. The Fijian international is currently attached to Lautoka where he played the last football season in the country.

Tuivuna (left) in Lautoka colours – Fiji FA Media

Tuivuna, the 2019 player of the year in Fiji when playing for Labasa, could be a very good adition to Labasa’s rebuilding team – Tuivuna won three major tournaments as a Labasa player. According to sources around the club, Tuivuna is set to return to Labasa. Oceania Football Center also asked to Lautoka’s officials about the reliability of the rumours; it was mentioned Tuivuna did not aplicate to departure to club yet: “We haven’t received his application yet so he is still a Lautoka player“, it was informed – giving signals the player is really due to leave the team and just details are separating him from Labasa.

The next Tony‘s moves will be certainly closely followed by Labasa’s and Lautoka’s fans expecting to count on him for the upcoming football season int the country.


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