Fiji: Bruce Hughes returns to Suva

There are good news for the Capital City Boys supporters! It has been confirmed by Suva FC’s Media today that the striker Bruce Hughes is going to return to play for Suva after a number of seaons represent Rewa. The striker achieved success in Rewa and can be an important addition for the team from the Fijian capital: “Suva FA welcomes Bruce Hughes back to the Whites camp. He joins us for 2023 and has gotten his release. The Suva FC family welcomes Bruce back to the Whites for another stint. He will be available for selection for the CVC this weekend“, said Suva in official statement.

Bruce Hughes – Fiji FA Media

This weekend Suva will be playing the first leg of the Champion vs Champion series in Fiji; and, of course, Hughes will be playing against his former club in the series. The OFC 2023 Champions League national playoff will also be played between Rewa and Suva, meaning Hughes will need once again to face his former teammates in a decisive series to determine which of the two teams will proceed to the O-League group stage.


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