David Browne’s contract with Finnish giants HJK expires

After having the best season of his career it was expected that David Browne would renew his contract that expired at the end of 2022 with HJK in Finland – but that did not happen. There is still a chance that Browne will re-sign with HJK, but it doesn’t likely to happen, as most football sites already mention the player as a free agent. The winger – that really impressed in his past season – might even have a deal with a new club in horizon, but informations are still unknown.

David Browne – HJK Media

The 27-year-old Papua New Guinea player ends his stint with the Finnish giants with 103 appearances, 13 goals scored and 18 assists. He helped the team to win three Finnish national league titles (2020/21/22) and a one-time Finnish Cup winner (2020). At the club David Browne became the first Papua New Guinea-born player in history to play and score in a UEFA competition.

Oceania Football Center wishes the best of luck for David Browne in the next chapter of his career as we do follow closely the development of his game – expecting him to sign a pro-deal very soon.


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