Tahiti: AS Dragon continues as at the top of Ligue 1 as first round of the season comes to an end

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AS Dragon’s 8-1 win over AS Pueu on Saturday – January 28th – concluded the Dragons’ perfect first-half of the season in Ligue 1 in Tahiti with a record of 11 wins from 11 matches, with a powerful attack that scored incredible 64 goals – including results such as 17-0 against AS Jeunes Tahitiens and 11-0 against Excelsior. Diego Arañeda coached-side team has 44 points on the table.

AS Dragon celebrating the victory against AS Tefana – Christophe Fotozz

The second-ranked side is AS Vénus with 38 points, coached by the man who is in charge of the national team and the current OFC Champions League finalists – Samuel Garcia -, having lost the title to Auckland City. Defending champions AS Piraé stands third in the table followed by AS Tefana.

The scoring table reflects well the scenario of the competition, Roonui Tiniarauarii is the leader of the goalscoring list with 35 goals scored followed by Teaonui Tehau who scored 27.

Tahiti’s Ligue 1 standings after the first 11 rounds:

1. AS Dragon – 44 points
2. AS Vénus – 38 points
3. AS Pirae – 36 points
4. AS Tefana – 34 points
5. AS Temanava – 29 points
6. AS Punaruu – 28 points
7. AS Central – 24 points
8. AS Pueu – 22 points
9. AS Tairapu – 21 points
10. AS Jeunes Tahitiens – 17 points
11. AS Excelsior – 14 points
12. AS Olympic Mahina – 13 points

It is important to mention that the league system of the national league in Tahiti is different from the one normally adopted in the rest of the world – the winner of the match gets four points while the loser gets one, the tie is two points for each team.

The champions and the runner-up will guarantee a spot in the 2024 OFC Champions League qualifying play-off.


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