Worworbu back to Vanuatu after succesful stint in Fiji

Rewa is going to miss one of their midfielders in the upcoming 2023 season in Fiji; Alick Worworbu, a midfielder from Vanuatu, left the Fijian team Rewa to join Yatel in the Port Vila Premier League. He played 12 matches for Rewa in the Fijian Premier League and five in the OFC Champions League last year, scoring one goal against Lautoka at the OFC Champions League national play-offs. Worworbu’s return to Vanuatu makes him an important signing for Yatel.

Worworbu playing against Auckland City at OFC Champions League – OFC Media

According to Rewa Chairman Nazeel Buksh, Worworbu had to move back to Vanuatu as his visa was linked to his study commitments, and he had completed his studies at the University of the South Pacific campus in Fiji.

Worworbu helped the Delta Tigers to win the Fijian top-tier league last season; the midfielder was already spotted at training sessions with Yatel squad that is preparing towards the 2023 PVFA Premier League season in Port Vila.


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