OFC Women’s Champions League has new dates set

The OFC Women’s Champions League, which was originally scheduled to take place from March 9-18, has been rescheduled to June 1-10. This is the first-ever tournament of its kind in Oceania and is set to take place in Papua New Guinea. The tournament will feature six teams from across the region, including Labasa from Fiji, AS Academy from New Caledonia, Eastern Suburbs from New Zealand, Hekari United from Papua New Guinea, Kiwi FC from Samoa, and Koloale from the Solomon Islands.

The rescheduling of the tournament has been done as the OFC and the PNG Football Association recognizes that more time is needed to prepare for the upcoming tournament so now they have deferred the OFC Women’s Champions League 2023 to June 2023; the tournament is still eagerly anticipated and is seen as a significant step forward for women’s football in the region.

Solrais Women’s Premier League in Solomon Islands – SWPL Media

The OFC Women’s Champions League is part of a broader effort by the Oceania Football Confederation to promote women’s football in the South Pacific. The tournament provides an opportunity for teams from across the region to compete at a high level and showcase the talent and potential of women’s football in the area.

The participating teams have worked hard to qualify for the tournament and will be looking to make their mark on the international stage. The tournament promises to be an exciting showcase of women’s football in the region, and the event will provide a platform for players to demonstrate their skills and abilities to a wider audience.

As the first-ever OFC Women’s Champions League, the tournament is a significant moment in the development of women’s football in the South Pacific. It is hoped that the event will inspire more women and girls to get involved in the sport, and that it will pave the way for further growth and development in the future.


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