O-League: Michael Tumua Leo’s show highlights strong performance as Lupe o le Soaga hammers Ilaoa & To’omata

Lupe o le Soaga from Samoa put on a stunning performance in their first match of the OFC Champions League qualifying stage, defeating Ilaoa & To’omata from American Samoa by 13-0. The team, coached by Paul Ualesi, were dominant from start to finish, with 20-year-old Michael Tumua Leo putting in a standout performance.

Leo was simply unstoppable on the day, scoring an incredible five goals and assisting twice in a display of pure class. However, he was not the only player to shine for Lupe o le Soaga, with Andrew Setefano, Jamie Mason, and Lapalapa Toni also putting in strong performances.

Setefano and Leo celebrate one of their team goals – OFC Media

The American Samoan team simply could not resist the attacking firepower of Lupe o le Soaga, and they were overrun by the pace and skill of their opponents. Lapalapa Toni scored two goals, while Dilo Tumua added another two to the scoreboard. Vaa Taualai, Jamie Mason, Harrison Bolton-Roberts, and Arona Matau also got in on the action, scoring one goal each to contribute to the massive victory. You can watch the highlights of the match by clicking here.

The win was not only a huge confidence booster for Lupe o le Soaga but also marked the biggest ever victory in an OFC tournament match for the team. The performance of Michael Tumua Leo was particularly impressive, and he will undoubtedly be a player to watch in the rest of the tournament.


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