Alick Worworbu has instant impact for iCount Yatel FC

Alick Worworbu’s debut for iCount Yatel in the return of the PVFA Premier League was nothing short of spectacular. The 25-year-old midfielder, who joined the team from Fiji’s national league champions Rewa FC, made an instant impact as his team secured a 3-0 victory over Penama FC.

Worworbu’s goal in his debut for his new team was a testament to his skill and determination on the field. It was clear that he was eager to prove his worth to his new teammates and fans alike. His performance showed that he was ready to be a key player for iCount Yatel in the reimander of the season.

Alick Worworbu – PVFA Media

The midfielder’s experience playing in the OFC Champions League with Rewa FC has undoubtedly helped him develop his skills and hone his craft. It is clear that he is an upcoming star for football in Vanuatu and has the potential to make a significant impact in the PVFA Premier League.

iCount Yatel currently sits in third place in the PVFA Premier League table, and Worworbu’s arrival is expected to give the team a boost as they look to climb up the standings. With his skills and experience, he is poised to help his team achieve success in the league.


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