Solomon Islands: Kossa books spot for OFC Champions League national play-offs

Kossa Football Club has secured their place in the national play-offs of the OFC Champions League after finishing second in the Telekom S-League, the premier football league in Solomon Islands. The confirmation came after their final game of the season against the league champions, Solomon Warriors, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Gagame Feni opened the scoring for Kossa in the second half, putting them in a position to win the game and clinch the league title. However, Tigi Molea of Solomon Warriors scored at the 90th minute to level the match, denying Kossa the victory they needed to take the top spot.

Despite the draw, Kossa’s second-place finish in the league ensures their qualification for the national play-offs of the OFC Champions League. The play-offs will feature a two-leg match between the champions Solomon Warriors and Kossa, with the winner qualifying for the OFC Champions League group stage.

Kossa FC lineup – OFC Media

The first leg of the play-offs will be played on February 22nd, while the second leg will take place a week later on February 28th, both in Honiara. These matches will be crucial for both teams as they battle for a spot in the prestigious OFC Champions League, where they will face the best teams from the Oceania region.

Kossa’s performance in the Telekom S-League has been impressive, and they will be hoping to carry this form into the play-offs against Solomon Warriors. The two teams have already shown their quality in their encounters during the league, and fans can expect another exciting and fiercely contested match between them.


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