Ifira Black Bird players speak after convicing win over Siaraga for OFC Champions League national play-offs

After an impressive display against Siaraga from Luganville at VFF Freshwater Stadium, Ifira Black Bird, the Port Vila champions, are very close to seal their place in the next edition of the group stage of OFC Champions League. The 3-0 win thanks to goals scored by Kerry Iawak, Alphonse Lency and Tonly Kalotangwatch the highlights here – gives the team coached by Robert Yelou a big advantage heading for their game in Luganville for the second leg of the national play-off.

We knew we were going to win“, said Ifira BB’s winger Jonathan Spokeyjack in interview to Oceania Football Center – “In the first half we just stay hold and see how they play; in the second half we started pressing them to score goals” added Ifira’s number 7.

Ifira midfielder John Wohale was another played who speaked to Oceania Football Center after the match: “We felt so happy after the victory on the first leg of O-League play-offs! The oppoment team was strong and it was a tough game ’cause we know both teams train so hard for this tournament and for who get the chance to represent our country at OFC Champions League” said the Vanuatu international.

Spokeyjack and Wohale in action for Ifira BB – BREJ Pacific General Distribution Limited

Both players seem very focused on the second match for the play-offs; the Port Vila’s side already touchdown Luganville and are expecting another win: “We are going to win again“, said Jonathan Spokeyjack, while Wohale added: “We are looking forward to the second leg of the play-off“.

Siaraga will host Ifira Black Bird this Saturday (25th Feb) for the second leg of the national play-off in Luganville; the hosts will need to overcome a three-goal deficit if they want to achieve history and take place in their first ever OFC Champions League edition.


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